Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In Welches, OR (about 45 min from Portland)
Don't be deceived by the smile on my face. It was FRRRRRReezing, rainy, snowy,...for hours in the wilderness. ;-) I am putting on a happy face for my happy 5th grader.

Ok....seriously....can you tell that's a fish? Right in the middle next to the biggest rock....I had 8 5th graders trying to get me to see if for about twenty minutes before I finally saw it!

Matthew played the part of Mr. Hill, the railroad owner, in his school play. He played the piano for one of the songs they sang. It was awesome.

Matthew at the District Pinewood Derby. He won two trophies but I can't remember which places. Like 2nd for his den and 4th overall i think....


Jennifer said...

Looks like fun. You went back to blonde. I finally found the fish!

Our family said...

So great to read your post. I've been thinking about you:)

p.s. I can't find the fish